Fueling Dreams


How do you know when you are headed in the right direction?

Getting ready to birth my midlife Siren baby. She’s big. The anticipation comes with a side of scary. Which is not the norm in the world of business.  It is commonly practiced and advised that we don’t show our vulnerability. Although I’ve bought, sold, started and currently run companies, transparency is still a tough objective to meet. Some of these projects have been very successful, others not so much. This one feels different. One with creativity, passion, meaning and purpose, which my ego says,  “I can’t do this, or:  a creative self-care business won’t make it, or: I’m too old”...and the list goes on. Every woman has an inner mean girl voice. However there is also super sexy goddess voice in us, that speaks loud and clear from a place of love, in sweet synchronized signs and awareness. 

Yesterday, I posted about bathtub fern fantasies, (I know, it’s  really weird and random). Seconds later my Mermaid designer daughter texts me, “are we getting fern tattoos?"  This morning, I’m having breakfast and look up to see this radiant goddess with a fern tattoo, standing in front of me as if she was a precisely placed piece of live art. 

A Queen is intuitively connected, and I’ve decided this is a Siren sighting.
A divinely synergistic sign unexpectedly gifted by my higher power, confirming I’m headed in the right direction. 

So naturally, I enthusiastically said to 'Fern' , “you are so beautiful...” 

She responded with a surprised and sassy  “shut up". (Blushing)

Now we are best friends. Well not exactly since I never got her name and I’m pretty sure she’s not from this planet since my fairy goddess mama dropped out of the sky. 

Today I’m grateful and celebrating signs that I’m headed in right direction: 

  • Fern sighting
  • Over 100 follows on instagram in less than 24 hours
  • That my body feels fueled by the work. 
  • Receiving encouraging words from others
  • That I did not die when telling a vulnerable truth 


Peace, love and Fueled Up...